Beginner Camp

Goals & Content

A graduate of the Beginner Camp will master these General Skills: 

  1. Wind Direction

  2. Rigging/ Unrigging

  3. Knots/ Lines

  4. Rules of the Road

A successful Beginner Sailor will possess these Beginner Boathandling Skills:

  1. Departure/ Landing

  2. Steering

  3. Safety Position

  4. Tacking

  5. Points of Sail

  6. Jibing

  7. Capsize Recovery

  8. Getting Out of Irons

  9. Upwind Sailing


A Bow Mar Beginner Graduate must also:

  1. Retain an understanding of all content covered

  2. Comfortable maneuvering a sailboat on the water alone

  3. Demonstrate calmly what to do during an emergency

  4. Person in water recovery

  5. Shows maturity on the water

  6. Master beginner skills and earn and a Beginner Skills Card in order to progress to Intermediate Camp