Beginner Camp

Goals & Content

A graduate of the Beginner Camp will master these General Skills: 

  1. Wind Direction

  2. Rigging/ Unrigging

  3. Knots/ Lines

  4. Rules of the Road

A successful Beginner Sailor will possess these Beginner Boathandling Skills:

  1. Departure/ Landing

  2. Steering

  3. Safety Position

  4. Tacking

  5. Points of Sail

  6. Jibing

  7. Capsize Recovery

  8. Getting Out of Irons

  9. Upwind Sailing


A Bow Mar Beginner Graduate must also:

  1. Retain an understanding of all content covered

  2. Comfortable maneuvering a sailboat on the water alone

  3. Demonstrate calmly what to do during an emergency

  4. Person in water recovery

  5. Show maturity on the water