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(Frequently) Asked Questions

What additional safety measures/ precautions has Bow Mar Junior Sailing instilled since 2020?

  • Helmets (provided), along with life jackets, must be worn at all times while sailors are on the water.  Junior Sailors are not allowed on the water without their helmets.  Please remember to bring your helmet each day of camp. 

  • The committee boat is now equipped with a backboard.  

  • A first aid kit is available for use on the committee boat.

  • Instructors on the committee boat have implemented the use of walkie talkies.

  • Class sizes have been decreased by 35% to promote safety.  Additionally this creates a more conducive learning environment with more sailors access to their own sailboats.  

What happens when the weather changes?  


Our instructors are equipped and connected to apps that give real time weather, including lightning strikes.  If it looks like the lightning storm and high winds are going to be short lived, the camp will take cover and resume when the weather is once again safe.  However, if the weather looks concerning for a longer period of time, the staff will be contacting parents to pick up their kids.  We will try and shift camp start times if we foresee unfavorable weather approaching during a camp session.

Does Jr. Sailing have a make up day? 

Since the 2021 season, we will be utilizing Friday afternoons after camp for make up days and additional learning sessions.

What Covid precautions is Bow Mar Jr. Sailing doing?

  • Sailors are encouraged to solo sail, when possible.

  • Sailors are asked to wear masks when a distance of 6 feet apart cannot be maintained.

  • We implemented daily touch-less temperature checks with a laser thermometer for our staff and our campers.  

  • All high touch areas are being cleaned with Clorox wipes.  

  • We are doing our best to social distance during our lunches and chalk talk. 


In addition, we ask each sailor to refrain from attending camp if they are currently experiencing, or have experienced these symptoms in the past 14 days:   

  • Elevated temperature of 100.4 or higher

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath and / or difficulty breathing

  • Loss of smell and / or taste

  • Fatigue, muscle aches, chills

  • Persistent headaches

What are the different camp levels? 

  • Rookie

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

  • Racing Advanced

Can my child skip Rookie camp?  

No.  Unless your child has previous sailing experience, or has taken private lessons, and has the recommendation from the instructor, you child must start with Rookie Camp. 



Will my child automatically get the camp session we prefer? 

Please note that we will do our best to place your child in the session you prefer.  However, in some cases, with more students than available spots, we ask for flexibility when placing students in camp sessions.  Camps are limited to 10 students due to safety reasons and boat availability.  Priority will be given to returning students at  each camp level. 

Thank you for your understanding.   

Who is the Commodore of the BMYC?

The Commodore is Mark Jones and he is in command of the Bow Mar Yacht Club. 

Who is the  Bow Mar Yacht Club Race Committee Chair?


Susu Baker is head of racing for the BMYC.  

Can you explain camp pricing? 

  • As of 2020, to eliminate the complicated billing, we "bundled" the pricing  to include Open Sail and retesting of sailors.  Prices increased by $25 for a 2 week camp.  

  • As of 2020, Open Sailing is included with Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Camps.

  • Starting in 2020, the camp season is longer than in years past (by 2 - 3 weeks), allowing for more Open Sail time.  

  • Due to safety concerns, starting in 2020, our class sizes have been reduced by approximately 35% from previous enrollment.  Camp size is limited to approximately 10 students, based on skill level and instructor approval. 

  • To remain competitive among other sailing programs, in 2020 we have invested $17,000 in new sailboats.  This money does not include the money it takes to maintain our current fleets. 

  • Feva boots were added to Bow Mar Jr. Sailing's fleet in 2021

  • Bow Mar Jr. Sailing has invested heavily in the safety and instruction of our instructors, lifeguards, and Junior Sailors. 

Does my family need to be members of BMOI in order to join sailing camp/ take private lessons / race on Sundays? 

Yes.  Families of Bow Mar need to be BMOI members in order to take part in all sailing activities.  Bow Mar South residents do not need to be BMOI members.  

Does my family need to be Bow Mar Yacht Club members in order to participate in Sunday Races?

Yes.  Sunday races are a Bow Mar Yacht Club event in which Advanced (Racing) Junior Sailors are endorsed by the Jr. Sailing Certified Instructors and approved by Susu Baker to race along side the BMYC members.  Bow Mar South Advanced Racers are welcome to race on Sundays as a guest of the Bow Mar Yacht Club.  

My child earned a "solo license" previously, why is it more difficult since 2020? 

As of 2021, Bow Mar Jr. Sailing is changing the wording from "solo license" to "solo rating."  We are working to systemize Bow Mar Jr. Sailing through the use of the The Small Boat Sailor Certification Record Book.  Known as "The Little Red Book," it is recognized by clubs and boat rental agencies around the world as the standard of small boat training.  


Currently, and in years past, the Solo License was typically awarded to sailors who gained expertise in a number of sailing categories and who mastered sailing the different fleets of the Bow Mar Yacht Club.  Earning a Solo License, or Solo Rating, is a tremendously celebrated achievement that often takes years of effort and expertise to obtain.  The stricter guidelines were recommendations from the Certified Instructors and the current and past Commodores of the Bow Mar Yacht Club to promote safety on the water.

Who can check out a sailboat outside of camp times?

Jr. Sailors who earn their Solo Rating may check-out a sailboat when camp is not in session, only when a lifeguard is on duty.  The beach manager has a list of which Jr. Sailors have earned this privilege to check out boats. 

Who can be in Bow Mar Jr. Sailing? 


Kids 10-18 are welcome to join sailing, kids age 8 can join the second rookie session.  Bow Mar residents must be a member of BMOI.  Bow Mar South residents are welcome to join, although priority goes to Bow Mar residents first.  Our class sizes are small to promote safety and due to the limited number of usable boats we have.  



Does Bow Mar South pay more for sailing camps?




Who can race?

Only sailors who have earned their Advanced (Racing) Solo Rating, who are recommended by the instructors, and who are endorsed by Susu Baker, head of the Race Committee from the Bow Mar Yacht Club, may race along Bow Mar Yacht Club members on Sundays. 

What if my child's goal is not to race?

We understand not every sailor wants to be a racer.  The Advanced Camp's curriculum is primarily to teach racing skills.  If your child would rather remain in the Intermediate Camp and take advantage of the Open Sail, that is an option.  


My child broke or lost something that is Bow Mar Yacht Club property, who pays to replace it or fix it? 


The parent of the child is responsible for lost or damaged property.

Who gets to go to Open Sailing Tuesday - Thursday?

Open Sailing Tuesday - Thursday is available to Junior Sailors who completed Beginner camp (can include Beginner camp from the previous season), in an Intermediate Camp or Advanced Camp, or have a solo rating.  Bow Mar Junior Sailing does not have enough staff to safely monitor ALL Junior Sailors during Open Sail.  Another real concern is the winds typically increase during the afternoon making conditions on the water more challenging, posing a risk for the Rookie and Beginner Sailor.  The instructors recognize Rookie & Beginner Sailors need a certain level of attention and instruction that is not conducive to a safe Open Sail experience.    

How many Jr. Sailors can attend Open Sail Tuesday - Thursday?

Due to safety reasons, the limited number of instructors, and the limited number of boats, only 10 Intermediate and or Beginner students may attend Open Sail per day.  Open Sail is first come, first serve.  



Can my Beginner Sailor go to Open Sail?

Yes.  The instructors have suggested that Beginner Sailors that completed  a Beginner Camp should continue to build their skills by joining Open Sail.  Please note, this invite is also extended to those students who completed a Beginner Camp from a previous season AND who are presently enrolled in Camp session for the current season.  The Beginner Sailors will be paired with an Intermediate, Advanced, or a Camp Counselor during Open Sail to ensure a safe experience.  This opportunity will also connect the Beginners with the more talented sailors that have years of experience on the water.

How does my kid advance to the next camp level?

Camp placement is based solely on the certified instructor's recommendation.  Instructors will decide whether the Jr. Sailor should repeat the same camp to gain experience and build skills or "graduate" to the next level.  During the 2020 season, approximately 25-30% of the sailors graduate to the next level.  


Can my child join Open Sailing after taking private lessons?

No, your child needs to be enrolled in a Camp or be a Camp Counselor to join Open Sail.


Can my child take a private lesson if he/ she is not 10 years old?

Yes, children who are under 10 may take a private lesson. 

Who is able to give private sailing lessons?

Private sailing lessons are ONLY to be given by the certified instructors.  Per BMOI rules and regulations due to insurance coverage, all private lesson students need to fill out waivers for legal reasons prior to the lesson and utilization of the sailboats.       

I'm a member of the Bow Mar Yacht Club, can I check out a boat for my child?

No, only Bow Mar Yacht Club members who are 16 and over can check out a boat.


Can I sign up my grandchild for sailing camp?

Priority for our limited camp space goes to BMOI residents of Bow Mar first and then Bow Mar South residents.


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