BowMar Jr. Sailing Instructors

2021 Certified Junior Sailing Instructors 

Hello, my name is Jackson Alexander.  I am a Sophomore at Mullen High School. I have been sailing every summer since I moved to Bow Mar in 2015. The things that I love most about sailing are the Bow Mar community, racing, and just being out on the water. I hope to continue my sailing career in college thanks to all of the amazing opportunities that I have received here. I love giving back to my community and I look forward to giving back as an instructor this summer.  I was a junior instructor in 2020 and I have gained experience outside of Bow Mar by sailing at Cherry Creek regattas.  I also came in first place last summer in the Bow Mar snipe fleet by crewing for Dave Baker.

ashley sailing.jpg

Hi, my name is Ashley Hagen.  I am 16 and a sophomore at Colorado Academy. This summer will be my fifth summer sailing in Bow Mar and I love every minute of it! I love this program because it gives kids the opportunity to learn how to sail in a fun yet safe environment. I am excited to be an instructor this summer and can’t wait to share my knowledge of sailing with all of the amazing kids in the program!