Intermediate Camp

   Goals & Content 

A confident Intermediate Bow Mar Jr. Sailor will master these Intermediate Skills and Theoretical Knowledge:

  1. Seamanship

  2. Nomenclature

  3. Understanding Wind

  4. Current, Weather, and Land Effects

  5. Navigation and Emergency Procedures

A successful Intermediate Jr. Sailor will possess these Intermediate Boathandling Skills:

  1. Proper Sail Trim

  2. Proper Boat Trim

  3. Roll Tacking

  4. Jibing

  5. Sailing a Windward Leg

  6. Sailing a Reach

  7. Sailing Downward

Bow Mar Intermediate graduates will also: 

  1. Demonstrate a proper understanding of right of way

  2. Retain a high-level of sailing literacy

  3. Demonstrate calmly and safely what to do during an emergency