Instructors In Training 2021

New for the 2021 season will be "Instructors In Training."  These seasoned sailors were chosen by past and present Bow Mar Certified Sailing Instructors because of their sailing skills and their ability to connect with fellow sailors.  Between these 4 sailors, they have a combined total of 30 years of sailing experience!  Each "Instructor in Training" has earned their Advanced Solo License and is certified in both child and adult CPR. They will spend the summer helping teach the curriculum alongside the certified instructors.           

turner boat.jpg

Hello Bow Mar Junior Sailors, I am Turner Graham. 

I will be an Instructor In Training this summer for the intermediate camp (6/8-6/18). This will be my 5th year helping out as a Jr.  Instructor and my 8th season of sailing in Bow Mar. I really enjoy working within my community and helping teach kids sailing tactics.   I don’t plan on ever stopping my sailing career and hope to become an instructor in the next few years.  I am a freshman at Heritage High School and I enjoy friends, family, football, food, and sailing. 

My name is Charlie Jones and I am sixteen years old. I have been sailing for a total of eight years and sailing in Bow Mar for four years. I started to saiI at the Cherry Creek reservoir when I was eight, and it is now one of my passions. I currently attend Colorado Academy where I am a sophomore. I love to sail and this year I will be helping at the beginner sailing camp, June 22nd-July 2nd.

Hello, I am Cameron Graham from Bow Mar Colorado. I am excited to be working with the intermediate camp of July 13th to July 23rd. This will be my 8th year of sailing with the Bow Mar sailing club. I am very fortunate to have the pleasure of working with these amazing kids and the other instructors. Some other interesting things about me: I am a sophomore at Littleton Highschool and plan to pursue the IB program. I enjoy cross country and track. I enjoy working with children and I feel I easily connect with sailors of all talents. I finished second in the sailing regatta last year despite being up against far superior sailors, this was because I tried my best to not miss a single day. I feel this reflects my devotion to the sailing program. Overall I am just happy to be here and can not wait to get on the water.

cameron sailing tera.jpg
zach sailing.jpg

Hello, my name is Zach Williams.  I have been sailing for 6 years at Bow Mar Lake. I will be helping teach the second beginner camp and the rookie camp, July 27th-August 6th. I am very excited to be teaching your child how to sail! In my free time, I enjoy 3d printing and sailing, I just recently bought my own boat and can't wait to sail it!