BowMar Jr. Sailing Officers 

Jody & Justin Alexander

Jr. Sailing Directors

We moved to Bow Mar in May of 2015 and started our sailing journey!!!  We are so fortunate to be able to live in Bow Mar and in a community that offers sailing.  We have four children that all love to sail: Jackson (16), Jonathan (15), Jordan (12), and Jamie (10).    Over the past 6 years we have appreciated the journey of learning how to sail.  Last summer, Justin enjoyed racing with the Yacht Club.  Our kids also continue to teach us all the latest tips of the sport.  I, Jody,  have limited experience sailing.  However you will find me on the committee boat learning about different winds, setting the courses for Sunday races, and rescuing boats if needed.  We hope to share our family's love for sailing with ALL families in Bow Mar!

jody boat.jpg

Angie Graham

Jr. Sailing Officer 

Yacht Club Social Chair 

Although I am not a sailor, I enjoy hanging with them because they might just be the best people on earth.  In addition, I love to look out at the sailboats with the mountains behind them.  I'm pretty sure it's the most beautiful sport, especially here in Bow Mar.   I am so thankful each of my 3 boys is very passionate about the sport.  Whereas I can't offer any sailing talent, I can offer floating around on my kayak (or being towed by a friendly sailor) taking pictures.  I guess I can also offer my organizational and website building skills. 


Elizabeth Riggs

Jr. Sailing Officer

Yacht Club Secretary

This is my fourth year

as an officer of the Bow Mar Jr. Sailing program.  It's been my pleasure to witness the program grow and become even more of an asset to our community.