Solo License & Skills Card

We are working to standardize Bow Mar Junior Sailing.  The curriculum and guidelines created by the instructors help kids have clearer expectations of the skills that need to be accomplished in order to pass to the next level.  Our instructors will make recommendations on whether your Jr. Sailor should progress or "graduate" to the next camp level.  Please remember, safety is always our priority.  It is very typical that your child will take the same level of camp for a number of sessions. During the 2020 season, we saw a 25-30% "graduation rate."  Our goal is for your child to feel comfortable with his or her skills on our various sailboat fleets demonstrating the skills that are needed to pass each camp level.  A mature "seamanship" also goes into consideration when the instructors recommend advancing the student to the next level.  


Your child has the opportunity to earn a skills card during their Beginner and Intermediate Camp, and an Advanced Solo license during their Advanced Camp.  


Bow Mar Junior Sailing Camp Levels

  • Rookie

  • Beginner - can earn a Beginner Skills Card and "graduate" to Intermediate Camp

  • Intermediate - can earn an Intermediate Skills Card, which allows the sailor to race.

  • Advanced - can earn an Advanced Solo License which allows the sailor to check out boats whenever a lifeguard is on duty.  

Placement of your child is solely based on the instructors' recommendations.